Crisis and Counseling Services

Crisis Services

The crisis and counseling services provided by HeadQuarters Kansas are a source of immediate, free, and caring help for those experiencing issues involving mental health or substance use, or those concerned about someone else who is experiencing such issues. Whether you call 785-841-2345 or call/text 988, our trained counselors are ready to listen.

HeadQuarters Kansas is part of the national 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline network. When you call or text 988, you are routed to the call center based on your phone’s area code. Online chat is also available at Calling HeadQuarters Kansas directly at (785-841-2345) is the best way to make sure you connect with us. 

HeadQuarters Kansas counselors are skilled, compassionate people who have been specifically trained to deal with situations just like yours – which makes them especially capable of providing tailored and competent mental health support. With HeadQuarters Kansas, you can truly feel like you’re talking to someone who understands what you’re going through and can be a confidant when you need it most. 

988 Kansas

HeadQuarters Kansas serves Kansans as the primary 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline call center for 103 of 105 Kansas counties and the state-wide provider for 988 chat & text services. Together with COMCARE of Sedgwick County, Johnson County Mental Health Center, and HealthSource Integrated Solutions, HeadQuarters Kansas is working to ensure that Kansans who reach out to 988 receive quality support from a coordinated network of providers.


    In September 2023, HeadQuarters Kansas launched heyHQ a peer-to-peer support line for Kansas youth 18 and under. Seven Douglas County teen volunteer counselors (14-17 years old) received about 60 hours of training to prepare them to provide over-the-phone support to young people in need of a listening ear and a non-judgmental space. Our adult staff provide supervision and support to the teen counselors, making sure they have everything they need to help their peers and help themselves. Teens looking to connect with a caring peer can call 785-865-2600 Thursday-Sunday from 4p-7p. heyHQ hopes to recruit more teen volunteer counselors and expand hours for peer-to-peer support in 2024. Email for more information.

      Counseling Center Clinic

      HeadQuarters Kansas provides counseling and therapeutic services through the Counseling Center Clinic. The Clinic is supervised by a Kansas Licensed Specialist Clinical Social Worker (LSCSW) and staffed by Kansas Licensed Masters Level Social Workers (LMSW) staff members.

      Our goal is to provide accessible mental health care to youth and adults. Sessions are available by appointment, in a limited capacity. The rate for payment is a suggested donation of $10 per session for all clients, regardless of insurance coverage.